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Personal and business Tax advisor in London, UK, S and B Accountants. We provide advice on personal and corporate tax planning by expert tax advisers in London, UK. As Certified Practicing Accountants, we know the ins and outs of the U.K tax system so we have the capabilities to meet you and your business’s tax requirements. We have vast knowledge and experience to accurately calculate CGT on gains from selling assets/stocks, corporation tax and personal tax owed to HMRC, and we calculate your VAT for claiming back VAT and VAT liability to make sure your firm is complaint with HMRC whilst paying as less tax as legally possible. We promise your tax matters will be remedied by our service and reduce your personal and your business overall taxes owed as much as legally possible.

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Capital Gain Tax:

A tax on the profit when you sell an asset that’s increased in value, the tax also applies to an asset that you give away as a gift or exchange for something else. You only need to pay CGT if you have profited more than the annual tax-free allowance which is at £12,300, and £6,150 for trusts. There are many other ways to reduce the CGT legally through reliefs and exemptions which we are happy to discuss with you.

Corporation tax:

You must pay corporation tax if you are a limited company who has made taxable profits. Taxable profits include: Trading profits, investments and selling assets for more than they cost. You must submit an annual company tax return to the HMRC or risk paying a penalty of more than £100 for late submission. Penalties can occur if you underestimate your tax or have made careless mistakes in the company tax returns which the penalty in these cases is a specific increase in tax owed to HMRC. We can assure you we will complete and submit your company tax returns on-time and to HMRC standards. If you have already suffered penalties, we can represent you in HMRC correspondence to settle the penalties swiftly.

Personal Tax:

Through our PAYE payroll service, we are able to deduct your employees and your own income tax and national insurance which we will send the compulsory Full Payment Submission to HMRC to make them aware of all the deductions made on wages/salaries. Also, if you are self-employed or not-self-employed but are receiving income from renting property or any other means, we can complete and file your self-assessment tax return on-time and apply eligible tax reliefs and exemptions to reduce your personal tax.

Self-employed Tax

If you're in business as a sole trader, knowing how much tax you have to pay, and when, is likely to be important to you. And knowing that you're not paying too much is likely to be just as important. We have years of experience looking after the tax affairs of unincorporated business owners. We also give advice on a wide range of business tax matters including: Preparation of business income tax computations, Income tax planning, Incorporating sole traders as limited companies, Business succession planning, Revenue & Customs enquiries and investigations, Sales of businesses and business assets.